What is a product person?

Product people must first understand the balance between business value and user value, i.e. what do we want to get out of the product? What do users get from the product? This is the core layer of the experience, and then layer by layer, we can work our way up. Unfortunately, most of the products on the market are focused on the superficial layer of cool and cool design interaction experience, which I always think is the legacy of 《Everyone is a Product Manager》.

And a good product, in addition to the five layers of experience to know, more foresight, a large and comprehensive product is easy to copy but pay for the time to say maybe strategic and tactical resource management also does not match, the bull is your product order, the former action is the latter pre-action. Simplicity is not not thought of cha is thought of, see far, go close, think more, do less, verify the rapid iteration.

And excellence is a product that can find the key tasks in the red sea and descend to strike.